Cruiser Bikes of Colorado

I haven’t recently come to really enjoy photographing the cruisers bikes locals use to ride around mountain towns in the summer.  They are fun, colorful and lend themselves to a beautiful photograph.  Some of them are so unique and customized. … Read More

USA Pro Challenge 2014 Stage 7 Boulder to Denver

I got out to cheer on and photograph the USA Pro Challenge cyclists!  What fun it was while it lasted – maybe 10 minutes.  It was a perfect 80 degree filled with sunshine ride down 93 south towards Golden and Lookout Mountain. … Read More

Details at the sunflower fields east of Denver

  I love seeing the vast fields filled with row upon row of sunflower.  However, this time visiting the fields I wanted to challenge myself to see more of the intimate details.  I really enjoyed looking closer for photo opportunities … Read More

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