I won 2nd place!  Woohoo!!!

I won 2nd place! Woohoo!!!

my 2nd place winner at the Gilpin Art Show and Sale
This spring I was juried into the Gilpin Art Show and Sale in Central City, CO.  To my surprise I won 2nd place in photography!  I was over the moon excited to see the ribbon next to my piece.  The reception and award ceremony was Saturday June 7 in the gallery.  There was a lot of talent at this show and it is quite the honor to be picked as a winner.  I have 3 pieces in the show as well as cards and prints for sale in the Washington Gallery. Magical Snowscape   Do you want to know the story behind the image?  Many have asked where it was taken.  This photograph is from Yellowstone National Park in February of 2014.  Yes, it was cold.  I was laying belly down in the high snow holding my camera up with my elbows resting in the snow.  I loved the scene with the snow, the river and the beautiful scenery all around me.  Yes, you make sacrifices for beautiful images.  I don’t really call them sacrifices because I am usually in awe with a smile on my face when capturing photos.  The beauty around me makes me forget the cold and I can always go inside afterwards to enjoy a nice hot cup of tea!  Actually my trick is to bring the tea with me in a thermos.  It keeps my insides warm and hydrated during a day out in the field.