Chihuly Exhibit at Denver Botanic Gardens

I already love the Denver Botanic Gardens.  Now add in Chihuly glass art all over and you have an amazing excursion.  The beauty begins right away with a stunning piece as you take the first turn.  The first path has all sorts of shapes and colors spewing forth from the beautiful blooming flowers.  Hope you enjoy my photos of some of these beautiful works of art.  Definitely go check them out for yourself!  They are worth the visit.  Which one is your favorite? 20140720-DSC_8349 20140720-DSC_8330 20140720-DSC_8342_HDR 20140720-DSC_8335 green reflections 4 blue balls  blue chihuly in pond red yellow orange chihuly Chihuly Orange and Red   purple in ponds blue boat in pond