Surprise!  Toads and Frogs

Surprise! Toads and Frogs

I was out on a hike in the Boulder Foothills in search of wildflowers and I stumble upon a little pond with frogs and toads.  I was not expecting this at all nor did I ever think I would photograph amphibians!  It has been so wet here in the Boulder area, so it shouldn’t have surprised me to see mud and puddles everywhere on my hike.  Needless to say I was surprised to find so many frogs in a little pond.  I’m talking a few feet long by a foot wide. 20140519-DSC_6427-Edit These guys really interested me because they were hanging out on top of each other.  There was one group of 3 and a few groups of 2.  I have never seen this behavior, but then again I’m not usually out looking for frogs.  Hope you enjoy a new subject for me. three frogs triplet frogs