Stumbled upon 6 Bull Moose!  WOW!

Stumbled upon 6 Bull Moose! WOW!

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So I had great fun and the pleasure of finding 6 bull moose recently.  I hear about sightings from fellow photographers and I took a chance on heading up here early morning to spot them.  I was in luck and it was a perfect morning.  I got up there about 6:30am and hung out with the moose for a good 2 and 1/2 hours!  They were munching on the willows around the lake.  As the light got brighter and time passed, they moved closer and closer to the road and eventually to the trails/woods.  I had so much fun capturing these guys with a few other photographers.  There was one moose who even decided to give one of the photographers the evil eye.  I watched as the guy moved so did the moose’s eyes.  The moose was following him with a mean looking expression.  I was happy to step away from this photographer and be on my own for a little while.  Don’t want to take any chances with the bulls, since they have been known to charge people.  Once they crossed the road, I enjoyed capturing a few on the trail, but I certainly kept my distance from them.  Hope you enjoy my favorite photos from this wonderful morning.Strolling across the road Through the Trees Moose Party I got my eye on you I Moose Eating