Snow storm photos at the Arsenal

Snow storm photos at the Arsenal

You know you’re a photographer when it’s snowing outside and you decide that going in search of scenes and animals to photograph is a good idea.  That was me yesterday during a snowstorm here in the Denver area.  I looked at the roads and said to myself, it’s not bad out there.  Then I packed up my car, making sure I had some food and water, and took off for Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge.  I was not disappointed in the slightest.  The animals were out, the scenery was beautiful and I had the park to myself.

Western Blue Bird Snow

First I stumbled upon the bison herd.  Many of the bison were too far away to photograph and huddled in a herd.  However, there were a few stragglers and this guy was one of them.  This bison looks freezing!  The snow was blowing and I am amazed at how nature keeps animals in thick fur coats to make it through the cold, snowy days of winter.  I was a little cold just taking the bison’s photo.  The wind was whipping the snow around and some of the roads out here on the plains were covered in snow piles much higher than the actual snowfall total.  The drifts definitely made for a bit of treacherous driving, but I managed okay with my handy car.

Snowy Creek with trees

I saw lots of deer and quite a few bluebirds.  I learned that these are Western Bluebirds.  Whatever kind they were, they will beautiful!  A definite first for me seeing the bluebirds.

Mule Deer in Snow So moral of the story…don’t look outside and say ugh, it’s snowing, I’m staying in.  Instead, head out to your favorite place and snap some pictures. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.