National Western Stock Show Fun

National Western Stock Show Fun

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As the National Western Stock Show has come to an end for 2016, here’s my few photos from a day at the expo hall and the draft horse show in the evening.  The expo hall was filled with hundreds of vendors selling everything from farm equipment, trailers, clothing, boots, hats, food and more.  You could literally spent hours going through all the vendors.

Getting cleaned up for being shown

Cleaning cow for showing

 Bling belts bling belts Lots of colorful cowboy boots cowboy boot vendor

 spurs to go along with those boots spurs

After watching the dogs try to herd 4 sheep through several obstacles, we had to move on over to the event center for the draft horse show.  It was not to disappoint.  Filled with beautiful draft horses and mules, parade wagons, male and female competitions and more.

 winner of 2 horse woman driven cart

the winner of the woman’s cart competition – beautiful form and percherons

6 horse driven cart

a competitor in the 6 horse cart

single male cart

male single horse cart

Did you get to see the stock show?  A rodeo?  Did you have fun?  Share your stock show experience.