Kayaking in downtown Denver

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What a beautiful weekend we had here in Denver, CO!!!  Finally a real taste of spring in the air.  Sunshine, blue sky and perfect temperatures made for a fun day out exploring downtown Denver.  I stopped at one of my favorite places – the Platte River near the REI Flagship store.  It’s a great area of Denver and I really enjoy the water. DSC_0072 If you haven’t been to this area of Denver before, I highly recommend it.  This is where the Platte River meets up with Cherry Creek.  On a warm day you can wade into the water and cool off.  You can also kayak on the course created near the REI.  You can picnic, bike, meander or do whatever you like on the miles of pathways that are built along these rivers.  Such a perfect place to hang out, enjoy the sunshine, people watch and picnic!  Parking can be crowded in this area, but I always seem to find a place nearby the aquarium, REI or Platte Street areas.  Go head and explore this great city! DSC_0033First, there was a picnic lunch with my husband and then off to enjoy the sights and the pathways built along the rivers. DSC_0082It was perfect on this beautiful spring day and I stumbled upon 4 men practicing kayaking in the Platte River.  I was smiling and enjoying watching these guys tip themselves over and then right themselves, so out came the camera.  I was close enough to get some splash!  Thankfully none of them minded me being there with a camera capturing their struggles.