Chihuly and botanical gardens

It seems like whatever city I visit there happens to be a Chihuly exhibit going on at the local botanical gardens.  Miami didn’t disappoint either with its wonderful tropical gardens and colorful Chihuly additions.  Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens is a must see when visiting southern Florida or just Miami.  I was totally wowed!  So many beautiful tropical plants and love the lizards crawling around everywhere.  They are so playful and cute. 20150423-6985Ok and it didn’t hurt that there was a Chihuly glass sculpture exhibit happening at the same time.  So colorful and magnificent.  I have seen quite a bit of Chihuly in the past year and my favorite part about this location was the lizards crawling on the sculptures.  They added to the beauty and fun of the place.  Keep in mind that Chihuly is beautiful on its own, but when you see the local wildlife enjoying it as well, oh so fun. 20150423-6894I loved the colors and the placement of the sculptures.  I enjoyed the whole day here regardless of the HOT and humid temperatures and the midday rain that occurred as I was enjoying lunch at the outdoor cafe.  Perfect day and wonderful gardens!  I will be back here on my next visit to Miami. What is your favorite thing about these beautiful tropical gardens? 20150423-7228  20150423-7039 20150423-7033   20150423-6958 20150423-6899  20150423-6801_HDR 20150423-6796