Adios, beautiful bull moose

A little saddened to learn a beautiful bull moose was killed on Saturday morning by a bow hunter.  Just crazy that hunting is allowed in such a popular area.  I’m not against hunting at all and I know this guy did everything by the book.  But I do believe it shouldn’t be allowed so close to a campground and a VERY popular recreation area, Brainard Lake.  There were so many families, children, and outdoor enthusiasts around when this happened.  With so many people out on a Saturday morning, I’m thankful the hunter or innocent bystanders wasn’t injured.   From eye witness accounts the moose did run a little before it succumbed and the other moose in the area got agitated as well.  Guess I’ll need to find moose somewhere else to shoot with my camera. Good-bye Mr. Moose.  I enjoyed you. Did you get up to visit this amazing bull moose? To read more on the story visit the Daily CameraDenver Post or 7news which has a video to go along with the story.