A late afternoon drive around Boulder County

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Nothing super exciting, but had some fun killing a few hours in search of a good photo.  Drove around north Boulder and out to the Boulder Reservoir.  I found a small field and pen with a few horses and cows.  The glow from the sun was great off the horses mane and she was such a friendly horse.  I spent a good while with these animals as they were making me laugh and smile. Horse Then I moved on to explore more and found a neat barn to photograph.  It’s not always easy stopping on the side of the road.  Have to be aware of vehicle traffic, bikes and also pedestrians.  Thankfully this barn has a long driveway and I was able to park at the very end to stay completely out of harm’s way.  I enjoyed the shadows from the trees onto the grass. DSC_0113 I can’t until the weather warms up a bit, leaves return to the trees and life seems abundant again.  Until then I’ll keep shooting whatever strikes me at the moment. DSC_0115-1