Beautiful fall day for a hike and some bighorn rams

It was an absolutely perfect fall day.  Temps near 70, sun shining, a little breeze and off I went to enjoy.  There is no keeping me inside on such a gorgeous day.  Took a drive in search of bighorn sheep and I found them on the hike.  Well, I found 3 three big rams.  No ewes in sight, but I’m sure they had to be close by with it being rut.  One of the rams was right on the trail!  He was standing there as if he was guarding it.  Finally he started to walk towards me and I got a little scared.  He was beautiful though and finally decided I wasn’t worth it and took off running.  Such a majestic animal on a beautiful fall day.   Colorado Big horn Sheep Ram , Waterton Canyon On the way back down we spotted this one big guy all the way at the top of the cliff!  It was pretty high and he was enjoying watching the scenery from up there.   Colorado Big horn Sheep Ram , Waterton Canyon