Early Morning fun in Rocky Mountain National Park

Early Morning fun in Rocky Mountain National Park

Many people cringe when I tell them I got up at 4am.  Then I show them photos and they go WOW.  There is a very good reason to get up so early and explore our beautiful outdoors and national park.  I would say it is so rewarding.  Recently, I ventured up to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park to see what wildlife I could find.  I actually went in search of moose.  While I didn’t spot any moose, I saw beautiful wildlife babies.  That most definitely made my day!

Doe Protects Fawn

I saw my first day old fawn.  It was so beautiful to watch the little one stumble along and mom always keeping a lookout.  I was almost in tears at the beauty of this beautiful new deer.

Struggling to Stand Fawn

This morning made my whole day and gave me goose bumps at its beauty.  Might I suggest you try getting up extra early some time and discovering the beauty of morning in a national park.